SNL Security by Soniles Technology


Video surveillance

Access control

GPS locators

Facial recognition

Video analytics


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Closed Circuit TV

Our state-of-the-art systems with IP, analog and hybrid technology guarantee the security of your company and easy and efficient management.

These teams can be integrated into the intrusion system being the best witness in case of theft, incidents and other situations that could occur in your business.

Easily access streaming video or history from anywhere in the world on a smartphone, tablet, or PC at no extra cost.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence technology you can generate alarms, warnings or automate tasks with camera detection.

Record, store and manage, locally or on our servers (cloud), the recordings with maximum security, quality and image sharpness; being able to reproduce them up to 4K.

Don't worry about lighting, the cameras provide excellent night vision in near-dark environments.

Our relationship does not end here!

We update, replace and expand your systems guaranteeing security in every corner of your facilities.

SNL technicians check, study and offer the best solution for each installation, in this way we manage to adjust the costs to the needs of our clients without them having to make large outlays.

SNL offers periodic maintenance adapted to each installation, always with its own technicians and with extensive experience.

That is all?

Automate access to your company, control who and when accesses your facilities. Systems with artificial intelligence are capable of recognizing faces, counting capacity, verifying body temperature, identifying license plates, etc. Once the identification is done, it generates an order such as opening a door, barrier... or denying access.

The applications of our advanced systems are almost limitless.