SNL Security by Soniles Technology


Video surveillance

Access control

GPS locators

Facial recognition

Video analytics


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Intrusion systems with flood control, gas leaks, fire extinction, emergency location, etc. to provide complete security.

- Connection and monitoring 24 with central receiver.

- Tailored security planning.

- Periodic reviews included.

- Professional system vs cheap system.

Security has always been an essential element, we want to protect and locate our loved ones, as well as our homes and businesses.

Due to technological advances and their applications in the field of security, we offer highly reliable systems with a wide range of functions and at very competitive prices.

We are specialized in the control and installation of intrusion systems, commonly called alarms, with Degree certificate, video surveillance systems, access controls, working hours controls and GPS location systems for people, vehicles and pets.

Why hire our CRA?

The priority when installing a security system is the tranquility and comfort of the owner and/or his family.

Our Central Receiver (CRA) performs a constant monitoring of the installed systems, which guarantees the correct operation, improving the security and protection of the buildings. Monitoring is complemented by periodic reviews by our approved technicians.

The CRA will take care of notifying the security forces, as well as verifying a real intrusion so that our clients do not worry about anything.

SNL offers a wide variety of possibilities for the acquisition in property or in the form of loan of intrusion systems, in addition to offering financing without interest.

We work with different professional systems and always with certification. Our systems allow you to complement the home automation, helping, for example, the energy efficiency of the home.