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Do not lose sight of your vehicle

Locating a vehicle with a GPS allows a large number of utilities that can be decisive in the management of a company or for security in private vehicles.

In case of theft, a GPS locator can find the vehicle in addition to sending an order to stop it. We could also set an alarm on the phone if the vehicle starts or leaves a specified area on the map.

Savings for companies

Our GPS locators allow you to locate at any time with information such as the speed you are traveling at any time, the route you are taking or if the engine is running or turned off. These data applied to the workplace allow a better estimation of travel costs, which can be optimized by changing routes, improving consumption according to speed or avoiding retention periods.

We can monitor that the carrier does not stray from its established routes, complies with the planning, does not carry out sections in a risky manner at excessive speeds, assuming a risk for it and other drivers on the road, as well as generating an extra cost in fuel and/or sanctions.

A GPS to save lives

In the event of an accident, the driver, by pressing an SOS button, would make a call to the telephone numbers authorized by the GPS locator, thus notifying them instantly in order to be able to attend the accident quickly, providing one more tool to reduce the assistance times of the medical services, since this time is vital in accidents.

An authorized user could receive the call and share the data with medical services.