SNL Security by Soniles Technology


Video surveillance

Access control

GPS locators

Facial recognition

Video analytics


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Technology at the service of security

Identifying a face becomes essential in national security, airports, public places and also in your business.

Facilitate access to your facilities to authorized persons with total control in a comfortable way.

Face filtering in seconds

Search and find a person or a profile of faces in an instant with a few simple mouse clicks or compare all matching faces at any time and in any place with a photo.

Do not stop there, control abandoned objects, look for a specific object, for example, a red backpack. Managing security has never been so easy.

Optimize your company

These technologies are more affordable than you think thanks to their wide competition and their multitude of applications in the daily environment.

A large amount of data makes it possible to automate, manage and optimize a business, reducing costs in the medium and long term, regardless of the type of business or its size.

It must be very expensive

The advancement and mass manufacturing and the investment of a large number of leading companies in these technologies have allowed manufacturing costs to be drastically reduced. This has allowed them to be applied on a larger scale and to be much more accessible, some of them reaching values well below the unimaginable.